Valentine’s Day – Spare a Rose, Save a Child

How will you show your love this Valentines Day? Maybe you’ve thought about what love really means, about who is most important in your life. People with diabetes need insulin in order to survive. There are many children with type…

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HealthMonitor LifeChanger Award

Changing Lives: Honored to Be a Diabetes Educator

Do you want to change your life for the better in 2015? I’m not a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions,” which usually last less than a week. Have you ever vowed to exercise more and joined a gym only to…

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World Diabetes Day

Tom Karlya, Max “Mr. Divabetic” Szadek and Toby Smithson

Three Super-Special Diabetes Advocates If you have diabetes, or love someone who does, you know it’s a tough, frustrating and unfair disease. Daily diabetes management is a constant challenge that affects those with the disease as well as their friends,…

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Breast Cancer / Diabetes Awareness… Are We Educated? Should We Be?

Shared with permission, from Tom Karlya, Diabetes Dad blog. Breast Cancer The words alone scream at the reader with instant images of horrified pain and suffering. But what does one know, when one does not know? In a new series…

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Inspired to Lose Weight with Autism: Thanks Justin!

In the nearly 3 decades I’ve been in private practice, I’ve worked with some truly inspirational and exceptional individuals and their families. My nutrition practice includes people of all ages, who have a variety of medical and nutritional issues. I…

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