Changing Lives: Honored to Be a Diabetes Educator

HealthMonitor LifeChanger AwardDo you want to change your life for the better in 2015? I’m not a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions,” which usually last less than a week. Have you ever vowed to exercise more and joined a gym only to never use your membership? I’d rather give a donation to a diabetes or animal rescue charity than to contribute money every month to a gym membership that I won’t use. Think about it for a moment. We know that permanent change is challenging, so it’s important to take one small step at a time. Before you know it the life you change – forever and for the better – will be your own.

For the past 25 years, I’ve been a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator.  My patients and I work together to set reasonable and actionable goals which will improve physical and emotional health and possibly prevent undesirable health complications. I pride myself on being a reliable source of support and information as well as a trusted advisor for my patients who live with medical conditions such as diabetes.  I try to set an example by making good food choices for myself (most of the time), and often share my experiences with my patients who are struggling with their own meal planning and physical activity programs. My reward is to see my patients adopt healthier behaviors and feel better about themselves. I never judge my patients and I identify with many of their daily struggles.

I’ve received letters from many patients telling me how I’ve made a difference in their lives and how much we’ve accomplished together. Every note is special and unique. But last week I was taken back by a letter sent to Diabetes HealthMonitor by one of my patients, nominating me for a LifeChanger Award! I was super excited to learn one of my patients with type 2 diabetes took the time to recognize my efforts in her journey.  She took the time out of her extremely busy schedule to submit a letter to HealthMonitor and discuss our work together. I can’t begin to describe how touched and honored I am to hear how our sessions encouraged her to take control of her life.

Be your own life-changer. Employ whatever tools and help you need from your health care team, family, friends, co-workers or the online community to get the help and support you need for your journey. It warms my heart and inspires me to know that I help my patients adopt healthier habits. My life has been changed forever by my patients, and I will continue to find ways connect to with people who need my help. Make a difference in your life today. Change one small behavior and soon you’ll be closer to your health goals. What will you do to help change your life for the better? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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