Nutrition Keynotes, Workshops, and Webinars

Corporate Wellness Nutrition Presentations,
Webinars, and Lunch & Learns

Susan’s webinars are perfect for employee wellness and improving productivity in the workplace. Show your clients and employees that you care! Invite Susan to speak and share her wealth of knowledge.

Your audience will learn to:

  • Eat with confidence
  • Learn how to eat well when dining out
  • Learn how to food shop with complete confidence
  • Balance your life with food and fitness


Susan’s Most-Requested Topics

Keynote Presentation at the Westin PoinsettHealth & Wellness Presentations & Webinars

  • Diets Don’t Work! Mindful Eating: The Key to Weight Loss
  • Your Guide for Weight Loss Success
  • Dining Out ~ What’s on My Plate?
  • Savvy Supermarket Shopping
  • Fuel Your Workout
  • Heart-Healthy Eating

Diabetes-Related Presentations & Webinars

  • How To Organize Your Life with Diabetes (Versions available for health professionals or people with diabetes and their caregivers.)
  • Diabetes: Missing the Diagnosis (Powerful presentation around misdiagnosis of diabetes due to confusing symptoms with the flu or other common illnesses.)
  • How to Run a Successful Private Practice
  • Thriving Not Just Surviving: Empowering Persons with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Dining Out With Diabetes: Your Guide to Restaurant Dining