Counseling Testimonials

“…probably be one of the most intelligent
and best decisions you will ever make!”

Tom Karlya, DiabetesDad“In my experiences with Susan at dLife, as well as within our diabetes community, few — if any — capture your attention and drive as she does while helping you achieve your goals. Her personality is infectious, her efforts tireless, and her knowledge is exceptional. Find out for yourself what Susan brings to the table, it will probably be one of the most intelligent and best decisions you will ever make.”

Tom Karlya, DiabetesDad in the Diabetes Community,
Vice President, Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, and
Emmy-Nominated (former) Executive Producer at dLife

“finally … a practical guide for organizing
the [many] aspects of diabetes management…”

“I have been on the Editorial team at dLife since 2005. Susan has been an integral part of our team the entire time, providing quality consulting, writing, editing, expert answers and content review services that have made her our instant first and trusted source for our diabetes lifestyle website and other media platforms. Susan’s diabetes expertise melds seamlessly with her extensive knowledge of not just food and nutrition, but exercise, medications, and alternative methods of managing diabetes. Susan has always demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, balancing her feedback with our various business needs so that the final outcome is consumer-friendly, accurate information that is appropriate for our various forms of media distribution.

“It has also been my pleasure to watch the beginning, middle and end of Susan’s writing project – diabetes organization. As an editor for the website, I had noticed a shortage of helpful information on this topic. It was clearly kismet because when I asked Susan for her recommendations, I found out that she had already been writing on this very topic. I was excited to be able to read some of her draft, knowing that the diabetes community would finally have a practical guide for organizing the various aspects of their diabetes management and lives as a whole. She and Leslie Josel, certified professional organizer, make the perfect team on this book.

“This dynamic duo did not stop at the book. They brought their great energy to our dLifeTV program and shared fun, useful and practical information that benefits not just people with diabetes, but anyone seeking to improve the flow of their daily lives. Susan has been an important part of dLifeTV for many years, both in front of and behind the camera, from script to screen, helping to preserve the quality and accuracy of the information provided, keeping in mind the variety of people who comprise our audience.

“I have respected Susan’s wisdom throughout the years, but her value to me grew even more after I became Managing Editor at dLife. Susan has become a reliable collaborator. Her dependable contributions and fast turnaround help us keep up with a plethora or projects, both for consumers as well as business-to-business. Her positive attitude and encouraging disposition help keep us sane. Susan is absolutely one of our team’s MVPs.

Monica Y. Dennis
Managing Editor
dLife – It’s YOUR Diabetes Life!

“…helped me develop an ambitious,
yet realistic, diet plan…”

Janis Jibrin, MS, RD“Luckily I found Susan while I was writing a diabetes management book with Bob Greene (Oprah’s trainer) and an endocrinologist. She helped me develop an ambitious, yet realistic diet plan that will help people not only keep blood sugar under control, but stave off heart disease and other chronic ills. Some of it was very detailed work — Susan not only didn’t mind all the back-and-forth, she insisted upon it until we got the best possible program.

“She also reviewed the entire book and her breadth of knowledge is so wide, that she was able to contribute to many different sections. In fact, I owe much of the exercise and meal timing information to Susan. Her work on the book was so valuable, we’ve now hired her to help out with a companion website. Again, she’s contributing in a number of ways. Thanks from me and all the Best Life staff.”

Janis Jibrin, M.S., R.D.
Co-Author of The Best Life Diet for Managing Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
(Simon & Schuster, 2009)
Best Life Lead Nutritionist and Contributing Editor, Self Magazine

“(Susan) is kind, compassionate,
and yet unfailingly honest…”

Gary Cohen, Triple Threat TV“I produced 85 episodes of dLifeTV, the definitive diabetes show on television, and Susan Weiner proved to know as much about diabetes as any expert we ever had on the show. Her role was to ensure the accuracy of every word ever uttered and every picture we showed. It was a pleasure to have access to her incredible mind, an astonishing database of knowledge and sensibility. Her understanding of nutrition alone is worthy of an entire department of people.

“In addition, Susan was a consummate professional and a wonderful collaborator. She is kind, compassionate and yet unfailingly honest, a remarkable accomplishment in the medical field. Most importantly, her ultimate commitment is to the millions of people suffering from diabetes. Hers is a labor of love and the diabetes community is the beneficiary.”

Gary Cohen
Executive Producer
Triple Threat Television

“Susan has that unique way of getting you
to make changes that work for you…”

Scott Herman, CBS Radio“I’ve had on again/off again success in the past losing weight, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t get motivated this time around… whatever I lost, I eventually gained back. I realized that diets were not for me… going on a diet means you will eventually go off of it. I am a Type II Diabetic — and as my blood sugars continued to escalate I knew I needed to really address my future and a different lifestyle.

“I met Susan Weiner when she was working on a broadcast project. I immediately felt a connection to her and while she did tactfully reach out to me to offer nutritional advice, I politely told her that I wasn’t ready. When my endocrinologist told me to do something NOW… I called Susan.

“Her knowledge of nutrition is second to none. Her style and demeanor are comforting, personalized, and extremely motivating. In 6 weeks, I have lost 18 pounds, 3 inches on my waist and reduced my fasting blood sugar to normal levels.

“Susan has that unique way of getting you to make changes that work for you and keeping you on track. She knows what works yet instead of lecturing it’s a conversation. We work as a team to strategize about making better choices, avoiding problem foods and anticipating situations that might come up in the week ahead.

“I am extremely pleased with my progress and my new healthy approach. It’s a good thing I found Susan when I did. I truly believe that I can avoid insulin and other diabetic medical complications by maintaining this new approach to my life.”

Scott Herman
Chief Operating Officer
CBS Radio

“…her follow-through, diligence, and attention
to detail have been a tremendous asset…”

Paula Ford-Martin, dLife Editor & Chief“Susan has been a long time contributing medical producer to dLifeTV, a consultant on our website, and a valued member of our medical advisory board.

“She has an innate ability to translate complex clinical concepts into user-friendly and accessible information, and is well attenuated to both business and patient needs. Her follow-through, diligence, and attention to detail have been a tremendous asset to our organization and our audience.

Paula Ford-Martin
dLife – For YOUR Diabetes Life!

“Susan is a balm to those of us dealing with this flabbergasting disease.”

JimTurner, dLifeTV Co-Host (formerly)“Of the many, MANY times I have called upon Susan Weiner to shine a light on the baffling mysteries of diabetes she has let me down exactly NEVER. Always helpful, always encouraging, always available, Susan is a balm to those of us dealing with this flabbergasting disease. I feel lucky to know her.”

Jim Turner
Former dLifeTV Co-Host
Actor, Writer, Comedian, and Diabetes Advocate

Teaching Trainers

Susan Weiner was an acclaimed educator/lecturer for a variety of certification courses (and continuing education seminars) at the Academy of Applied Personal Training Education (AAPTE) at Hofstra Univerisity. AAPTE is a nationally recognized and accredited personal training and health/fitness instructor certification organization. She taught at the academy for nearly a decade. Known for her extraordinary communication skills, Susan is focused on helping her students and clients define and reach their goals. Susan’s professionalism, knowledge, and passion always made a positive impact on our students. I have recommended Susan as a consultant to many professional organizations and companies. Susan’s understanding of exercise science and nutrition biochemistry made her a valuable resource to our organization.

Vincent Carvelli, R.T.S., M.F.S.
Academy of Applied Personal Training, Hofstra University

Client Overcomes Challenges!

I began working with Susan Weiner about 10 years ago. I’d had a chubby childhood, an overweight adolescence and a (mostly) fat adulthood when my internist recommended I see her about my slow thyroid and high cholesterol. Within a few weeks, I discovered I was pregnant. I developed gestational diabetes and was prescribed daily insulin injections. With Susan’s counseling and support, not only were my blood sugar levels controlled, but my baby did not require the services of the neonatal intensive care unit!

Susan Weiner is a highly intelligent and flexible educator and nutritionist. After a lifetime of Atkins, Weight Watchers, fat camps, and fat propaganda, I was completely exhausted by the prospect of losing weight (never mind maintaining healthy habits) and knew that a strict “diet” would never work for me. What has worked is having the support of someone who knows the physiological and emotional issues associated with eating and can empathize or administer tough love and guidance. Her assessments are fair; her comments although direct are always gently delivered. Susan is a tremendous coach and advocate who can (and does) help her clients achieve their health goals.

Nicola Farman
Marketing Executive

Informational Resource

Susan Weiner has been an excellent source for material related to diet, nutrition and diabetes management. She’s always quick to respond to inquiries and is very thorough with the depth of information she provides. She is my first choice for sources on any of my nutrition-related stories.

Christelyn D. Karazin
Freelance writer,

Caring Professional

On two separate occasions, Susan Weiner conducted several workshops throughout Arizona to foster parents, case workers, CASA (court appointed special advocate) volunteers and other professionals (such as judges and politicians) on “Drug Nutrient Interactions in Children.” Although the presentations were based on in depth scientific research, the lectures were informative and easy to understand. She brought a sense of hope and encouragement to many of the child welfare professionals who did not realize that nutrition can directly effect a child’s behavior. One participant stated “after following the recommendations of Susan Weiner, it was like I had a whole different child.” Another participant stated, “I was ready to give up on my foster child. I came to the presentation not expecting to learn anything new, but once I followed the recommendations from Susan, I was astonished to learn how the foods children eat (and don’t eat) can effect behavior. My child is a much happier now, and my house is a much calmer place to live.”

Susan Weiner’s presentations have made a remarkable difference in the lives of many foster children throughout Arizona. Her ability to present very complicated material in an easy to understand format is a true testament to her talent as a presenter. Her commitment to child welfare is uncompromised and her willingness to remain a resource to families who struggle with this complex issue is greatly appreciated by those of us dedicated to improving the lives of foster children.

Bill Stanton
Director of Dependent Children’s Services
Arizona Supreme Court