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Make Diabetes Easier: Get Organized!
Diabetic Connect“Weiner has taken organizing to a whole new level for those of us living with diabetes. Her expert diabetes knowledge, paired with coauthor and professional organizer Leslie Josel, has given life to their comprehensive book on organizing diabetes… Taking a page or two from these organizing gurus can help us shape the landscape in which we live, allowing us to navigate it in the easiest way possible.”

~ Jewels Doskicz, RN,

10 Habits to Help You Be a Healthier, Happier Cook

U.S. & World NewsGet organized. If you’re not organized, you can’t find what you need to cook anything, says Susan Weiner, A for meal preparation. That means instead of stuffing certain items in your cupboard or fridge just because you found a space where it fits, organize by use instead. Group similar items together and keep healthy snacks in plain view.”

~ US News & World Report –

2014 WEGO Health Activist Award, Gold Medal Co-Winner

Independent PublisherThe Jenkins Group Awards honor the year’s best books that help readers attain healthier, more fulfilling, and productive lives.


Managing Diabetes: Less Stressful with Structure, Organization

Helio Endocrinology“We have school, we have work, we have families and relationships and a lot of things we do,” Weiner said. “It shouldn’t only be about have-to’s and must-do’s with diabetes. We should be able to accomplish our want-to’s as well.”

~ Susan Weiner,

Tips for Traveling with Diabetes

A Sweet Life“Follow these simple rules for optimum health while on the road! Move. Plan to walk around a bit every hour when you travel by air, bus, train, or car. If you walk, you may help to prevent blood clots from forming. Need another reason to walk? You might be able to prevent blood clots and help to keep your blood sugars within range. Try to keep up with your exercise routine when away from home…”

~ Susan Weiner and Leslie Josel,

The 2014 Lisa Awards

“[Susan’s] new book, The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life, is a must have for anyone trying in this battle…[t]his human dynamo is clearly a living example of the POWER OF ONE.”

~ Tom Karlya, Diabetes Dad,

Weekend for Women Conference Washington, DC Speaker Spotlight: Susan Weiner

The most important message from the book is : You can do this! Just remember that you don’t have to be perfect at organizing.

~ Susan Weiner,

3rd Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards – Best Kept Secret

Susan and her book are nominated for the Best Kept Secret Award, see the highlight in this video at 3:32.

~ Kristen Hartmen, WEGO Associate Director

“[Organize your] entire life to be more efficient, enjoyable, and productive.”

“…having someone with a trained eye offer suggestions to make your life more efficient … is exactly what these two authors have done for the person with diabetes; organizing his or her entire life to be more efficient, enjoyable and productive.”

~ Peggy Zeller, RD, LD, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Interview with Susan Weiner, co-author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer

It would be great if [healthcare providers] had time to help give people practical ideas and strategies for fitting their diabetes into everyday life, but we generally and unfortunately, don’t.

That’s THE BIG reason I’m pleased to see this new book come along.

~ Hope Warshaw,

Getting a Life with Diabetes in Order

DiabetesCare.netThe book is not only a resource to open and read cover-to-cover but something readers can go back to over and over again, especially in looking at their goals or what they have laid out as their plan to achieve their goals.

~ John Parkinson, Clinical Content Coordinator,

“Less stress with diabetes through organizing your life…”“[A] must-read title for people with diabetes: one that focuses not on WHAT things to do when you live with diabetes, but on HOW to fit them into your busy lifestyle, how to make them work.”

~ Manny Hernandez,

Get Organized with Your Diabetes!“When it comes to my diabetes, the notion of “getting organized” is like that wish-upon-a-star that seems so close but I can never seem to reach. Instead, I tend to always be floating within the black hole of disorganization…

“The start of a new year seems like the perfect time to have a look at this book, and here’s my top-of-mind twitter evaluation: Info that’s simple & common sense, but often overlooked. Helps you STAY organized — so you’re not always scrambling to GET organized.

~ Mike H,

“Ready, Set, Go! Get Organized for Better Control”

Dance Out Diabetes“Ever find your diabetes management stalled by poor planning? Are expired test strips, forgotten workouts, missed medications, and piles of paperwork hampering your health goals? If organization is not one of your strong suits, there are some easy ways to kick off 2014 with better control over your life and your diabetes.”

~ Paula Ford-Martin, Author of Diabetes in Real Life

Tony Cervati, contributing writer and competitive endurance
mountain biker who has Type 1 Diabetes“I was contacted by Susan Weiner to contribute to a book she was writing. I was honored to be asked to work with her, as she is VERY well-known to members of the DOC via her leadership at dLife, her personal Susan Weiner Nutrition website, or her work with the Diabetes Sisters organization.

~ Tony Cervati

TuDiabetes Live Interview with Susan Weiner, author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer

TuDiabetes.orgIn my 25 years of practice, I realized a lot of people have trouble organizing. My co-author and I looked at people with diabetes and caregivers of people with diabetes and started to think about setting achievable goals and from there how to achieve them. To sum up our philosophy: we don’t do “perfect,” we just do better.

~ Susan Weiner,

Beware of BLTs

Cosentino's Fine FoodsNovember and December are months of holidays and being surrounded by a bounty of goodies, but just beware of too many BLTs …”bites, licks and tastes.” This festive feasting can be troublesome to those living with diabetes.

To combat issues during the holidays, the first thing you need to do is create your OWN plan. Since everyone’s diabetes needs are unique, the plan should be individualized. The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide To A Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life by Susan Weiner RD CDE and Leslie Josel makes managing your diabetes easier with tips on getting started.

~ Rebecca McConville M.S., R.D., L.D., C.S.S.D.,

Guest Blog: Getting Diabetes Organized for the Holidays

Six Until MeTackling Holiday Madness. Susan Weiner is a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator. She is the co-author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life, and she offers up some useful organizational tips for managing diabetes and the holidays. (My favorite tip? Avoiding BLTs, which have nothing to do with bacon.)

~ Keri, Six Until Me

The Sy Effect Radio Show

The Sy EffectSy welcomes Susan Weiner, a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator and Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist who has a very successful private practice in New York.

Susan is the author of the upcoming book “The Complete Diabetes organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life” Spry Publishing, Fall 2013.

~ The Sy Effect Radio Show

Primary Care Today ~ The Complete Diabetes Organizer’s Tips for Clinicians

ReachMD Medical RadioHost Dr. Brian McDonough is joined by Susan Weiner, a dietician based in Long Island, NY and author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life. Their discussion offers tips for clinicians to better help their patients with this chronic condition. Right-click and ‘save as’ to download the podcast recording.

~ Host: Dr. Brian McDonnough,

6 Secrets to Eating Healthy on a Budget

PushPenny“It’s entirely possible to eat healthy on a budget, if you stay organized and map out your meals,” says Susan G. Weiner, a registered dietitian-nutritionist in private practice in Long Island, NY, and author of The Complete Diabetes Organizer.

“Keep a running inventory of items in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry, so you don’t waste food. And avoid buying excess, because even canned goods expire,” she says. “When you do freeze something or store it in the refrigerator, make sure that you label it (with a date), or you’ll end up wasting a lot of money by eventually throwing it out.”

~ Julie Bawden-Davis,

The Complete Diabetes Organizer!

DiabetesDailyThe Complete Diabetes Organizer …is an easy-to-read guide for making the many daily chores in life with diabetes less overwhelming and much more manageable. And the best part about it, I think, is that it’s written in a voice that is energetic, friendly, and real.

~ Ginger Vieira,

Book Review by

Within the pages of this book, diabetes educator Susan Weiner and organizing guru Leslie Josel provide dependable strategies and ideas designed to help streamline your diabetes care and simplify your life…with simple, sure-fire techniques that will allow you to disentangle your patients with diabetes from the clutches of chronic disorganization.


Two Thumbs Up for “The Complete Diabetes Organizer”

Diabetes EveryDay“As I hope you’ve noticed, I’ve managed to keep free of advertising, the idea being that whenever I endorse or recommend a product you’ll know it’s coming straight from me without any financial influence. And, having the dual personality- person with diabetes and person who counsels people who have diabetes – I can’t help but look at anything diabetes-related from both angles. So, when I tell you that a new book, The Complete Diabetes Organizer, is something you should read and keep handy for frequent reference, you can believe it. I’m certainly keeping it handy.”

~ Toby Smithson,

Book Review by

I think that this book is an excellent read for anyone with any type of diabetes who is looking to find a way to make life less chaotic and frenetic. There are some excellent tips in this book for not just how to organize in terms of space or routines, but apps that you can use for both iPhone and Android based phones to help manage your diabetes, and tips on how to incorporate some of those necessary tasks to live a healthy life with diabetes into your daily life, and do it without added worry.

I highly recommend this book, and think that it is an excellent addition to my diabetes library.

~ Aliza Chana,

You and Hypoglycemia: What Others Should Know

Experts also advise people with diabetes to wear a medic-alert bracelet that can “speak” for you when you can’t. Being organized also helps, advises Susan Weiner, a registered diabetes nutritionist and author of [The Complete Diabetes Organizer]. By keeping all supplies near each other, whether in a certain place in the kitchen or a box or drawer at work or school, a co-worker/friend/family member can get you help—fast—without panicking…

“Tell those around you what it feels like when you get low,” [Susan] advises. “And don’t be afraid to tell them, ‘I have diabetes and here’s how I need to be treated.’”

~ Jeanne Muchnick,

Publish And Prosper: How Writing A Book Can Boost Business

“It hit me that though it’s recommended that diabetics organize their supplies, paperwork and routine, there were no books on how to do that, so I approached Leslie about co-authoring a book on the subject using her organization expertise and my diabetes knowledge.” [says Susan Weiner]

~ Julie Bawden Davis, American Express Open Forum

Banish Woes of the Chronically Disorganized

In The Complete Diabetes Organizer: Your Guide to a Less Stressful and More Manageable Diabetes Life, Susan and Leslie offer tactics that empower people with diabetes to take charge of the daily maintenance and care of their diabetes. Tips included in the book are adaptable to all sorts of different lifestyles and needs and encourage readers to create a system that works for them. These organizational tips alleviate the stress caused by chronic disorganization and can also help readers save money by eliminating unnecessary food waste.

~ Sally Feller, Spry Publishing

A Good Guide to a Daunting Disease

THE BOTTOM LINE… For diabetics, disorganization can be devastating — even deadly. This book could be a lifesaver.

~ Peggy Brown,