Pinterest is a “virtual pinboard” that “allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.” Pinterest is the latest social media trend so if you want to stay current, you need to start pinning! First create an account using your e-mail address or Facebook or Twitter account. Choose a webpage or file that includes an image you want to share. In the upper right-hand corner of Pinterest, click “add.”

  • Webpage – Select “add pin” and type the URL in the box provided, then click “Find Images.” Images load below the URL. Click the “Next” button at the bottom to scroll through available images.
  • Image file – Select “upload a pin” and browse for your file, which will appear below the file name.

To the right of the image is a drop-down box where you will need to create or select a board (i.e., category or topic). Finally, write a comment explaining your pin. For articles, I like to leave the title, publication, author & date. Check the boxes for Facebook & Twitter if you have connected those accounts (in your settings) and would like the pin to post to one or both. You’ve pinned your first pin! (It’s a noun and a verb.) Now remember:

Use only good images
Sharp, not fuzzy. Uncluttered. Usually the subject should be clear without too much going on in the scene.

Be consistent
Pinterest is just one element of your social media package and overall online presence. Your brand should remain consistent as it moves from your website or blog, through your social networking accounts. Link to websites you’ve shared and promoted elsewhere. Create boards that reflect your specialties, interests, strengths & philosophy. If you have a logo or head shot you are using on other sites, carry that over to your Pinterest page.

Personalize it
Pinterest is an area where you can give followers and clients a taste of your personal style. It doesn’t have to be too intimate, just enough so people feel they can relate to you. For example, you can pin books you love, or people and quotes that inspire you.

Build a foundation
Once you’ve created your account, select 5 or 10 board topics to start with so that your account doesn’t look inactive. Try to fill a board as quickly as possible (you will need at least 5 pins per board). A half-empty board is not visually appealing.

Don’t just pin!
Scan Pinterest to repin, like and follow other pins, boards and users. You need to stay active to continue to attract followers.

To learn more, check out the July 2012 Today’s Dietitian article By Lori Zanteson: Pinterest — This New Virtual Pinboard Can Help Promote Your Brand and Business.

Contributed by Diane de Jesús – Find Diane on Pinterest as PieceOCakeDJ and at her blog, Piece o’ Cake!

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