Susan Weiner Nutrition: A Small Biz Story!

Small Biz Stories

My fascination with food, dietary habits and health led me to a career in nutrition over 2 decades ago. Since I started my own nutrition consulting practice, I never thought of myself as a business owner or entrepreneur. In my mind a  business was a place that had a bunch of employees, a lunch room and several policy and procedure manuals.  But raising a family and trying to balance my work and personal goals brought me to the realization that I wanted to (and needed to) work for myself. I enjoy working with others, but I also want to work on projects that I find meaningful and enjoyable.

Recently I was featured in an article published by Small Biz Stories. Please check it out!  Susan’s Story: Susan Weiner Nutrition

As I read the other blogs on this incredibly informative site, I realized that I really am a successful small business owner! I’m learning so much from reading them, that I decided to join a group of network bloggers and share my blog with them on Facebook!

It’s a great way to share my ideas about good nutrition. For my clients who don’t know me out of the one-on-one nutrition counseling realm, please read about my other projects. For those of you who have a dream of expanding your own business, I suggest reading the blogs on It’s given me a great deal of inspiration!

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