World Diabetes Day 2016

November 14th is World Diabetes Day. The International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization started World Diabetes day in 1991 to raise awareness about the growing epidemic of diabetes. This year’s theme is “eyes on diabetes”. Diabetes can lead to serious…

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Diabetes Awareness Month: Bringing Attention to T1D
feat. Guest Blogger Sarah MacLeod

It’s officially November 1st! Halloween is over and behind us and the holidays are only a few short weeks away. However, the change in the calendar also represents a transition into a month where those of us involved in the…

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World Diabetes Day: November 14, 2011

World Diabetes Day is observed on November 14th, every year. As part of National Diabetes Awareness Month, World Diabetes Day focuses on engaging people throughout the world to raise awareness of diabetes. World Diabetes Day was initiated in 1991 by…

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