5 Ways to Keep You and Your Child “Happy” on Halloween

  As a parent, do you encourage your child to eat a “rainbow” of fresh fruits and vegetables? When my children were younger, I would pack school lunches with sliced red peppers, orange carrots and green grapes. Yet, on Halloween,…

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5 Ideas for Healthy Traveling – Even With a Foot Injury!

  Traveling can be tough on your waistline! Although I’m a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes educator who speaks nationally and internationally, eating healthy and staying active is a struggle when I’m away from home. I simply LOVE sampling local…

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5 Ways to Visit Mom and Stay Healthy!

As a full time New Yorker, I look forward to ditching the cold and visiting the sunshine state every February. The warm weather and heated pool are a welcome change to the snow and ice in the Northeast. But the…

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A Personal Weight-Loss Journey

By Curtis Felton Intern at New York Presbyterian I admit that blogging is new to me; I am a reserved person. I don’t usually divulge personal issues. I would rather do something than complain about it. I have been on…

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USDA Says: More Fruits And Veggies For School Lunches

In an effort to combat the problem of childhood obesity, the USDA is changing the requirements for school lunches. These changes will affect the nearly 32 million children who eat lunch at school. The new guidelines call for twice as…

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