Valentine’s Day – Spare a Rose, Save a Child

Spare-A-Rose-LOGOHow will you show your love this Valentines Day? Maybe you’ve thought about what love really means, about who is most important in your life. People with diabetes need insulin in order to survive. There are many children with type 1 diabetes who don’t have adequate resources to help manage their diabetes, including life sustaining insulin. This Valentines day, open up your loving heart and tap into your generous spirit! Support children with type 1 diabetes by supporting the “Spare a Rose, Save a Child” campaign. From Februrary 1-14, the diabetes online community is encouraging you to send your sweetheart 11 roses instead of the usual 12. The money you would spend on a single rose (around $5) can be donated to the International Diabetes Federations Life for a Child program.

This program will provide insulin (necessary for all people with type 1 diabetes) and other important resources for needy children in developing countries around the world. In addition to participating in this program, as an RDN CDE, I challenge all members of the diabetes health care community (physicians, medical specialists, mental health professionals as well as dietitians and educators) to promote this program in your offices, hospitals and communities. Go to the website; learn how you can use banners and social media displays to encourage your co-workers, friends and family (and everyone they know as well) to save the life of a deserving child. Forget store bought chocolates, cards and flowers…and put your energy into a program that really matters. Get the word out any way you can!

Roses are pink, white or red;
Valentine’s Day is near.
Time to make our message spread.
Every child deserves to live without fear.

To quote my friend and diabetes advocate Kerri Sparling, “Flowers die. Children shouldn’t.” Please share your thoughts and comments.

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